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3PL / 4PL Warehousing Solutions

HLL specializes in providing logistics solutions covering all aspects of the supply chain for over 25 years of experienced management, we have devoted or work to each of our customers, and have successfully helped reduce surplus inventory, increased order visibility, and controlled escalated delivery-cycle times, while reducing overall supply chain costs.  Our success in the freight forwarding industry has been attributed to our highly skilled and dedicated work force, our ability to provide improved products and services, a sound financial background and a commitment to the progressive of using last technology in our industry.

HLL has the flexible warehouse logistics options you need, combined with an efficient and reliable distribution network, creates the variable cost model needed to reduce costs and improve the flow.

Our local market knowledge provides value and makes a significant contribution to the smooth delivery of your supply chain strategy. We simply know how to get things done in Dubai and have developed rock solid relationships in the region, and internationally with our business partners.

HLL  provides 3PL AND 4PL services such warehouse space for storage on international Level, Procedures, systems and quality people all focused on helping you achieve your goals.
Let us work with you to develop a “Blueprint” for success. And Integrated Logistics Capabilities for the Seamless Flow of Cargo and Information.

HLL experts combine warehousing and distribution, advanced systems and technology, as well as Value Added Services to customize your supply chain to meet your precise goals and requirements. Our dedicated teams select and apply the exact resources you need to improve your business’s performance and provide flexibility for a dynamic marketplace.