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HSE at the core of HLL

HLL has safety as its core value, training is an important part of the safety culture of the company, and our team is fully qualified and experienced team in HSE rules.

Safety is the first item on every meeting agenda at HLL, the management of safety is driven down from the top; a visible presence in the yards when visited by senior managers is that they are wearing all the correct PPE, this sends out a message to all workers that safety is number one and there will be no compromise.

Each day is started by the warehouses having a tool box talk, then each operation has a safety meeting on site to discuss how the work is going to be carried out safely, this is to ensure all workers are aware of their responsibilities.

HLL has a safety record well above the industry standard, (no accidents or incidents from 2003 till today) this is achieved by constant safety awareness and pursuing the doctrine of Safety First in everything we do.