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HLL Customized Warehousing Solution

HLL provides exceptional warehousing and distribution services to companies that are keen to utilize Dubai as a key hub for regional distribution of their products. It offers distinct professionalism in handling a diverse range of cargos at budget packages.


HLL offers dedicated, shared and bonded warehousing solutions that are an integral part of our supply chain. These accommodate client’s customized requirements in terms of not only the locations but also its functional layout for maximum productivity and scalability.

Across the company’s network of dedicated and multi-client distribution centers, standardized warehouse systems and process ensure that customers get the highest levels of operational efficiency.

Our warehouse service supports inbound and outbound logistics and distribution reducing total operating costs and speeding up cycle times. Our facilities provide customers with fully-integrated warehousing and meet demanding service levels. This covers dedicated and multi-user sites.

Our extensive warehousing and distribution system will pick, pack, store and distribute your consignments everywhere in the region by providing.

professional services which include:

Packing and Value added Services.

From straightforward packing to complete repackaging of goods, it's important to ensure that your products are presented correctly. All services are conducted in complete confidence.

HLL provides customized inspection, packaging services, ensuring that our client’s goods are safe from pilfer and damage, moreover ready for shipping. We offer a wide range of assembly and final configuration programs, along with the capabilities to manage these activities.

Product inspection

Before committing to a purchase, you need to be sure that the products you are considering match your technical and quality requirements.
Our experienced inspectors will undertake all necessary quality control, including full functional tests, etc. As a result, you can buy in confidence, knowing that you will receive products that meet all your expectations.


We welcome any extraordinary requirements and are willing to customize a special set of services that are suited to your needs!